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Time-Critical Shipments

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Call our 24-hour line for immediate solution: +49 3222 1097685

  • On-Board Courier (Hand Carry)

    Your shipment needs to be delivered “yesterday”. It can happen and it does happen. Urgent samples, documents, replacement parts and electronic components, – they MUST arrive in no time simply because there is no time left. We understand the critical nature of hand carry orders very well. Our professional couriers will be on board the next available flight to the required destination and will ensure your valuable shipment is delivered within the shortest possible time. Hand carry stands for guaranteed security and maximum speed and this is exactly how we at DOYLE TRADE treat such shipments, without exception. If your consignment has to go through customs, we get ready for customs clearance while the aircraft is in the air. The shipment is cleared and released immediately on arrival including after-hours and weekends, so the courier, on arrival at the airport, proceeds straight to the final delivery point in destination country.

  • Aircraft on Ground (AOG)

    If our customer’s aircraft is grounded due to a mechanical failure, we will transport spare parts to any place in the world to ensure it is back in the air as soon as possible. We will deliver the parts on a Next Flight Out service, with an on-board courier or on a charter aircraft depending on parts size, weight and severity of the issue. We are on call 24 hours 365 days a year and will provide all of the following:

    - Global AOG solutions

    - Delivery to any destination within 12-36 hours

    - Pickup, delivery, packing, customs clearance

    - Transportation of both small and large aircraft parts

    - Delivery of aircraft recovery documents

    - Hand carry, Next Flight Out and Air Charter solutions

    - Immediate response time

    - 24-hour monitoring, tracking and updates

    - Dedicated team

  • Next Flight Out (NFO)

    When you require an expedited shipping solution, DOYLE TRADE will help! We will offer the most optimal route from origin to destination and your shipment will be tendered to the airline on the same day. Pickup, main carriage, customs clearance and delivery are expedited to ensure your shipment is delivered within 24-36 hours to most global destinations. It is the most convenient solution if you are in need of a prompt delivery service at optimal freight cost.


Through our global network of professional freight forwarders, we undertake to deliver your goods from any place in the world to any place in the world.



When it comes to trade compliance, non-tariff barriers and customs in general, things can get tricky for foreign economic operators, to say the least.


Importer of
Record Service

Oftentimes, companies that need to import their products into global markets do not have a legal presence in a country of import, nor are they registered for local taxes in that country.